About PhotoSTO

You take thousands of pictures with your smart phone all the time, all around town or all over the world.  With the PhotoSTO camera app for the iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon) you can now organize pictures WHILE taking them!  Create your own custom albums, set the optional timer - customize any way you want, however you want.  

Then click away!

Our Ulterior Motive

In addition to organizing your pictures, we are passionate about causes that impact our lives and others - breast and pediatric cancer, domestic and neighborhood violence, and education, to name a few.  So we have committed to donate up to 30% of our net revenue (after Apple and Google take their cut) each month by identifying ORGANIZATIONS and working with them to promote awareness in them and PhotoSTO, increasing downloads and, in turn, DONATIONS.  We will post donations each month below.  We believe in actual, accurate and real-time transparency.